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Both a learning space to understand both computer science and biology concepts on Udemy & where outreach prevails to help the community.

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Making a global impact now.

We have over 5,000 students enrolled in various STEM courses worldwide. Our student community have enabled use to pursue many partnerships, including working with schools to teach computer science and supply our 3-D printed braille kits to blind schools in East and Southeast Asia.

“In June, CELLS Academy, led by Jagannath Prabhakaran, launched two courses, Python for Beginners and Intro to Genetics, on Udemy. More than two thousand students signed up. In the next couple of months, CELLS began a virtual camp in the U.S. and a tutoring program in Malaysia.”

Marella Gayla, Editor for The New Yorker
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Malaysia Tutoring

We partnered with Thai Thung Primary school in Malaysia to bring accessible computer science education where programs do not exist. We tutored over 80 students in Python and Java curriculums!


Udemy & Canvas Courses

We have over 5,000 students enrolled in our Udemy and Canvas courses which cover topics such as Python, Java, and Genetics.


Helping Blind Schools

Using donations from our student and parent base, we funded our initiative to use 3D print technology and print braille stencils for blind students.