About Us

We are the instructors of CELLS Academy, a group of 4 students from the Bay Area who hope to build the next generation of STEM leaders with biology and computer science.

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At a glance

Team Members
Hours Contributed
Bio/CS Courses Taken
Inspired Students
Our Mission
Computer Engineering Lab and Life Sciences

Our mission is to assist students in our local community by developing their computer science skills and incorporating biology with this rapidly growing field as a means of motivating them to build leadership and teamwork skills.

We hope that our inspiration has a lasting effect and extends past the length of this course.

Our Reach
Expanding Around The World

To the left is a map of our global impact and where in the world we have been able to inspire students. With both our Canvas and Udemy courses, we have been able to help over 2000 students in 90 different countries gain knowledge about computer science as well as biology.

Team Members

President Jagannath P.
Jagannath P.
Biology Teacher
Vice President Charitha Gangi
Charitha Gangi
Biology Teacher
Treasurer Vayun Shyamhyam
Vayun Shyam
Python Teacher
Secretary Rahul Ravi
Rahul Ravi
Python Teacher
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Our Past, Present, and Future

  1. February 2020
    BMES Idea Started
  2. April 2020
    All Club Officers Chosen
  3. May 2020
    Starting to File As Non-Profit
  4. June 2020
    Begin Biology and Python Classes
  5. November 2020
    Genetics Course Released
  6. February 2021
    3D Printing of Braille Products Will Begin
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